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Bloodroot Salve

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Unbridled Botanical salves are handcrafted in small batches marrying science and intuition into an excellent product for your health and enjoyment. They feature a blend of organic, cold pressed olive and avocado oils for a smooth, silky & non-greasy base. (If you have an allergy, contact us for a custom salve made from your choice of oil.) 

This oil is infused with responsibly wildcrafted Sanguinaria canadensis, commonly known as bloodroot.

The bloodroot salve features an oil that has been infused for over 6 weeks. It is used topically only on skin tags and warts that are unwanted. Use a very small test amount at first to ensure no adverse reaction. This herb has been known to cause skin reactions in some people. If no reaction occurs, apply some more. Some mild inflammation at the site as natural and is a sign the salve is working as it should. 

*Note, there is a lot of talk out there about bloodroot being used to eliminate topical cancers. This is a highly charged topic, and since I am not an oncologist (yet!) and the FDA will be all up in my grill if I say anything about it, I personally have no recommendation to use this product in this way at all and will not endorse it. There are lots of personal accounts, 'research', and stories about it out there- I recommend talk to an experienced oncologist who has an understanding of holistic therapies if you are interested in this.*

Each salve comes in a reusable, sturdy glass jar with dishwasher safe screw on metal lid. Please reuse. :) Larger sizes available by special order!

TOPICAL USE ONLY! BLOODROOT IS TOXIC INTERNALLY. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND ANIMALS. Only use this salve on an animal if they are unable to reach and lick off the salve. Consult a holistic veterinarian. 

Organic or Wildcrafted Ingredients:

Olive & avocado oil infused with Sanguinaria canadensis (bloodroot), carnuaba wax, vitamin E, and loads of love.


Never any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. 100% Vegan.



All Unbridled Botanicals products are made with respect, intention and a dash of desert magic.

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