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Don't just take our word for it, let our clients share their ✰✰✰✰✰ experiences with Unbridled Botanicals products:


I've been ordering Sierra's Cannabis Healing Salve for my husband with knee pain and my 86-year old mom with severe arthritis pain. Both of them have noticed a distinctive difference in pain reduction since we found this incredible product. Sierra always sends a handwritten note with each order. She even custom-made a batch with the mint scent in it for my mom! We're very happy we found Unbridled Botanicals!

-Karen B.


My husband and I both use the cannabis salve and it has made such a difference in reducing our chronic pain. It also worked it's magic on healing a laceration and reducing scar tissue.
The joint salve has been wonderful for reducing pain and inflammation in my hands.
I look forward to trying the CBD oil next

-Cheryll H.


I love the products I have gotten from Unbridled Botanicals! I love knowing that I can feel good about what I'm putting on my body to calm my aches!

-Rachel C.


I have had arthritis in my knee for many years. Nothing helped--UNTIL I tried Unbridled Botanical's Cannabis Salve, it is a miracle. I am ready to backpack around India again. Bring on the squatty potties. Thank you so much.

-Andi C.


I can't say enough good things about this healing salve! Quality, amazing product that works wonders. Would highly recommend!

-Mandee L.


My senior horse [with] squamous cell carcinoma. I have to say so far she is doing great! The lesion is almost gone. Your products are amazing. 

-Erica G.


Excellent herbal infusions for muscle relief, pain management, and mental clarity.

-Matthew S.


Amazing products. Love the turmeric cream and to massage myself with it. Thank you!

-Rimee K.


Thank you Sierra. The new jar of salve is working well for serious ankle pain from arthritis.
I can feel a delightful warm feeling after applying it. Whatever it is, I like it a lot! Thank you and hope the great batches keep coming!

-Tudor M.


It was very effective on my tendonitis pain. Thank you for this wonderful salve! Very good quality!  [cannabis salve]

-Jay W.


It really helps for pain. Great stuff. [cannabis salve]

-Wendy C.


My clients love it after massage. [cannabis salve]

-Christy P.


Very nice salve. I won't buy anything but this.

-Lady R. 


This salve is nothing short of amazing. It truly has healing properties and has been very helpful to me. Thank you!

-Jaime A.


This oil is very soothing and helps me to fall asleep. Thank you. [Dreamer Oil]

-Angie B.


Fantastic product...what a wonderful oil. Looking forward to the long term benefits. Really helps reduce inflammation of acne. 

-T. Boyle


It helps my back pain! [cannabis salve]

-Rebecca H.


I am so grateful to @sierrunbridled for sending me their Unbridled Botanicals Cannabis Healing Salve. I have Lupus, which is an autoimmune disease that causes me a lot of pain due to arthritis and inflammation and I have been trying to find some non-pharmaceutical remedies for my pain. I really hope anyone else who lives with a chronic disease tries this ointment and gets some relief like I have.

-Cambria P.


Rico [dog] tends to crack his paws and this definitely helped to clear that up.

-Sam T.


Hi Sierra, I just wanted to say that your salve and drops have done wonders for my pain and insomnia. I am actually sleeping and in half the pain I was in before.

-Sarah L.


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