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Welcome to the online home of Unbridled Botanicals! Our line of gentle, safe, and powerfully effective herbal healing products are made for the whole family... 2 and 4-legged! Using organic and wildcrafted ingredients carefully chosen for quality and company integrity, you can be certain your animal's and family's safety comes first without sacrificing one bit of effectiveness.



Drawing Salve

Organic Cannabis Salve


Our topical herbal salves, balms and oils can help with bruising, injuries, itching, and other ailments. Choose from a popular blend on the website or send us a message so we can make you a custom blend fit to your exact needs! We also make an internal CBD oil unmatched in quality, potency, and made with overflowing amounts of love. Learn more about the CBD oil here.

Organic CBD Oil

UB is currently on part-time hiatus while I work towards receiving my Doctorate of Medicine, Naturopathic. To order a product, email or call 360.949.0860

 I apologize for any inconvenience this causes, and look forward to being your partner in healing again soon!


Drop us a line and let us know what we can handcraft for you!


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